What are the hazards of long-term inactivity


Nowadays, many white-collar workers are busy at get off work and do not have time to exercise after work. In the long run, it has caused great harm to the body. The hazards of long-term inactivity Fattening caused by long-term non-exercise If you don’t exercise for a long time, the most obvious change in your … Read more

Winter health guide

To keep in good health in winter, eat more 4 kinds of purple foods, insist on doing 5 things, improve winter dryness, and relax the body After entering the winter, the weather is particularly cold, the climate is dry, and it is stimulated by various factors. It is more likely to cause sore throat, cough … Read more

Benefits of Lajin


What are the benefits of lajin? Stick to the correct stretching every day, and you will be more youthful, and your body will be grateful to you. I don’t know if you have ever heard such a sentence, which is “One inch of muscle length, life extension for ten years.” To put it simply, it … Read more

Benefits of winter fitness


1.Lose weight Winter is very easy to accumulate fat, but the weight loss effect at this time is also very good, so we must seize the opportunity to exercise in a cold environment, the human body will consume more calories, because the body needs to consume more energy to maintain Body warm. When a warm … Read more

How to correct the wrong running posture


Running is one of the most common ways of aerobic exercise for people. With the increasing popularity, many people think that running is very simple. One leg is in front and the other is behind, falling back and forth, nothing more. But is running really such a casual sport? The answer is of course no. … Read more