Winter health guide

To keep in good health in winter, eat more 4 kinds of purple foods, insist on doing 5 things, improve winter dryness, and relax the body After entering the winter, the weather is particularly cold, the climate is dry, and it is stimulated by various factors. It is more likely to cause sore throat, cough … Read more

How to avoid rebound after weight loss


Why is weight loss easy to rebound? After successful weight loss, how to keep in shape to avoid rebound? Is it really hard to lose weight? For most friends who are on the way to lose weight, they have actually had a successful weight loss experience. However, among them, most friends find it difficult to … Read more

How to prevent eczema


What should I do if eczema is itching? Doctor reminds: Do 5 things in life to prevent eczema. The onset of eczema is, in the final analysis, related to the imperfect skin barrier function. Microbial infection factors or immune factors may also induce eczema. If the barrier is not perfect, the skin will be more … Read more

9 small ways to prevent colds


Cold is one of the most common respiratory diseases. It is now the time when the common cold is common, and it is estimated that many of the little cuties have been caught cold by the cold air of early winter. A cold is not a good thing. We have to endure nasal congestion, sneezing, … Read more

13 early signs of diabetes


13 early signs of diabetes, early detection and early treatment will extend life span by 20 years! Diabetes is one of the three major causes of death in humans. Its mortality rate is second only to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and cancer, and its incidence ranks first among the three chronic diseases. To avoid diabetes, … Read more

How to prevent the formation of gallstones?


Skipping breakfast or not eating on time will induce gallstones? How to prevent the formation of gallstones? The gallbladder is a pear-shaped pouch located in the right abdomen and behind the liver under the ribs. It has the function of concentrating and storing bile. Gallstones are stones that occur in the biliary system, which are … Read more