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Spring is blooming, and fat-reducing meals in the circle of friends are a big hit, especially for those of us post-80s. The eagerness, enthusiasm, anxiety and all kinds of unexplained conflicting moods of weight loss, I also know very well. In this mighty weight-loss army, I have never been absent. In the blink of an eye, every midnight snack and every piece of butter cake I ate, the meat on my body will not lie. People in middle age, Gaining weight is the easiest hungry thing. Because my diet is very light, I also like to eat fish, chicken, and beef more than pork. I also eat a lot of vegetables and fruits every day. The eating habits are pretty good. It is a dinner at the end of the year, eating and drinking at home during the New Year, and a dinner together after the new year. This kind of non-stop eating and eating, the weight soared all the way, and the body was a little overwhelmed. This finally stopped, and the fat-reducing meal was arranged immediately. In fact, the fat-reducing meal is not only for weight loss. After eating for a week, the body feels a lot lighter. It also feels a lot more comfortable, and it is also obvious to reduce the burden on the body.

When it comes to fat-reducing meals, you don’t have to worry too much, thinking about whether you can only eat boiled vegetables and gnaw apples, and you don’t want to be full. These methods of losing weight are not healthy to lose weight. The method of being hungry and thin is not advisable, right. The body is damaged too much. A fat-reducing meal is a reasonable food. It is not a hungry stomach. The calories, protein, and vitamins that the body needs every day are also indispensable. It is naturally very happy to maintain a good body shape, but you cannot ignore your body. It’s also very important to eat well. Reduce fat meals must learn to eat selectively. Come, let’s take a look at my reduced fat meals.

Steamed pumpkin, sweet pepper omelette, boiled chicken breast, fruit

During the weight loss period, meat should also be eaten. Chicken, beef, and fish are all good choices. It is no problem to maintain a meal of about 200 grams. Coarse grains, vegetables, and fruits with less sugar can be eaten freely. It can be used to fill the stomach.

Brown rice, fried corn with bamboo shoots, boiled eggs, vegetable salad

Although staple foods cannot account for a large proportion, brown rice, red rice, and quinoa are all staple foods that can be eaten boldly. Eat these.

Vegetable salad, boiled egg, purple potato, sweet potato, red rice

Dinner can be vegetarian. Whole grains, vegetables, and rice can be eaten as full as possible. Don’t eat anything after 8 o’clock. Early to bed and early to wake up will speed up the body’s metabolism and also help to lose weight.

Whole wheat bread, vegetable salad

If you are tired of whole grains and miscellaneous grains, you can choose whole-wheat bread, bagels, and lye bread at breakfast. The feeling of fullness is strong and will not grow meat. Changing the taste does not feel monotonous. The main focus is on vegetables and fruits. Take up half of the weight, so the collocation is more reasonable.

Seaweed multigrain rice, boiled egg, steak, sweet bean rice

Beef is also a meat with relatively high protein content and very low fat content. It is also very popular among people who reduce fat and fitness. Add a little frying to the pan and simmer in hot water. It is not greasy and tender.

Egg Cucumber Sandwich, Blueberries, Coffee

If the body is more adaptable, black coffee can reduce swelling and burn fat. Drinking a cup in the morning can also be refreshing. The premise is that no milk or sugar is added. Fruits can be eaten as long as the sugar content is not high. Breakfast is not too restrictive. good.

Alkaline bread, fruit, vegetable soup

The lye bread with vegetable soup is full of nutrition and full of feeling. It is suitable for any meal. The vegetable soup is also very simple to make. Sauté the vegetables with a little oil, heat the water and cook it over a small fire. Just season it with salt. If it is eaten at home, the hot water in the vegetable soup will be fresher if it is replaced with a broth. After all, fat reduction means low-fat, low-sugar and low-carb water. It is also important to develop good eating habits. It is easy to stick to it if you don’t feel unpalatable or poorly eating a fat-reducing meal. After a period of adjustment, your body It’s comfortable, the body looks beautiful, and it’s not difficult to lose fat. Just like a netizen said, I’m not wondering that I’m getting thinner fast when I eat this way. Habits and diet are really important.

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