How to prevent eczema

What should I do if eczema is itching? Doctor reminds: Do 5 things in life to prevent eczema.

The onset of eczema is, in the final analysis, related to the imperfect skin barrier function. Microbial infection factors or immune factors may also induce eczema. If the barrier is not perfect, the skin will be more fragile and susceptible to external influences. Whether it is weather changes, temperature changes, or accidental friction or contact with something, it can cause eczema. Eczema also has its own characteristics. Remember the characteristics of eczema and prevent it effectively!

Eczema will feel uncomfortable, because eczema will develop rashes on the body during the onset of eczema. The impact of these rashes is obvious, and the patient will feel obvious local itching, even after scratching, there will be exudates.

If it can be prevented in a reasonable way, the skin can naturally be kept in good condition. Otherwise, it will be difficult to bear eczema, and it will be very painful, which will affect normal life, and the local area is often rubbed, and the skin may be infected. Case.

How to prevent eczema?

What are the symptoms of eczema?

  1. Itching

The diseased part of the patient’s body will be abnormally itchy and restless. If it is not treated in time, the itching symptoms will become more and more serious, affecting work and life.

  1. Exudation

In addition to erythema on the patient’s body, fluid will also flow out. Generally speaking, acute eczema has this symptom. Exudation will bring a lot of trouble to the life of the patient, and it is also prone to secondary infection. During the illness, it can only be cultivated at home, so seek medical attention as soon as possible.

  1. Repeatability

Eczema is very easy to recur. Although some patients have mild eczema symptoms, they often relapse after a period of time. This may be caused by improper treatment or not going to the hospital at all. Sometimes it is also related to bad living habits.

What are the other hazards of eczema?

  1. Affect work and life

First of all, patients with eczema are usually accompanied by different degrees of itching symptoms. Frequent itching can affect work efficiency and living conditions. At the same time, the affected area of ​​eczema is more conspicuous, and some of it oozes liquid, which is very unhygienic. If you go out to work, colleagues and friends will stay away.

Prolonged treatment of eczema will bring physical torture and mental stress to the patient. After a long period of time, the patient will fall into negative emotions, lose confidence in life, and cause psychological problems. In addition, improper treatment of eczema can also induce other infectious diseases.

  1. Affect the image

Many patients have eczema on the arms, cheeks, forehead, etc. The dense red rash is unacceptable to many people, and it has a great impact on the patient’s external image.

So, how should we prevent eczema in daily life?

  1. Pay attention to skin hygiene

To effectively prevent eczema, one should pay attention to skin hygiene and avoid irritation. Many people do not pay attention to personal hygiene, and their skin resistance becomes weak when they do not pay attention to cleanliness and poor sanitation. The combined effect of various internal and external factors will make eczema more likely to occur, and those who know how to stay away from diseases will maintain good living habits. , By paying attention to hygiene to maintain normal skin function, eczema can be kept away only when one’s own resistance is improved.

  1. Eat a healthy diet

To prevent eczema, you should also pay attention to the health of your diet. The appearance of eczema in many people is closely related to diet. Some foods that are prone to allergies are ingested in large amounts. In addition to allergies and itchy skin, it may also make eczema more likely to form. Therefore, the method should be correct in the diet process, and avoid diseases by reducing dairy products, egg foods, seafood and other foods that are prone to allergies.

  1. Maintain your body according to climate change

To prevent eczema, it is necessary to take care of the body according to the changes of the weather, because the external environment is also easy to cause eczema, such as sun exposure, cold stimulation, too dry or in a hot environment, these environmental factors will also affect The skin is easily irritated, and eczema will appear when internal and external factors work together. To stay away from this disease, protective measures should be taken in accordance with climate change.

  1. Improve sleep quality

Many people’s eczema is related to insomnia, because long-term irregular work and rest, insufficient sleep time, will cause endocrine changes under the influence, endocrine dysfunction, and many adverse symptoms will appear, such as poor skin condition, frequent fatigue, Digestion is reduced, these may be caused by endocrine disorders. Long-term insomnia will have a high incidence of eczema. It is necessary to improve the body’s adverse symptoms through the regularity of work and rest and improving the quality of sleep.

Eczema is a disease that is big or small. If it is not treated properly, it can be fatal. You should pay special attention to it. For patients with eczema, don’t be overly nervous, go to a regular hospital early for treatment, pay attention to personal hygiene, keep the air fresh and smooth in your home, eat more fruits and vegetables, exercise properly, and keep your body healthy. I hope all patients with eczema will recover soon!

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